Anthony Nicholas Gallo

This is Anthony Nicholas Gallo

Anthony Nicholas Gallo

By the age of two, Anthony Nicholas Gallo was joining his parents, Linda and Victor, in their travels around the United States and the world.  As soon as he understood what a camera was and what it did, he started taking photographs and never stopped!

In his earlier days, Anthony took simple photos of the people, places, and sites he saw.  He did this as a sort of photographic diary of his travels.  As his skills matured, he began to experiment more with expressing a particular feeling or mood, telling a story, or simulating action through still photography.

Wanting to understand more about the art of photography, Anthony Nicholas Gallo took classes throughout high school and college, and learned to develop his own black and white photos.  Composition, playing with shadow and light and exposure times, all took on greater meaning for Anthony.  Moving from film to digital opened up a new door; now Anthony could take photos, create special effects, and even combine images to expand his portfolio, and communicate more carefully through his work.

Anthony enjoys taking photos of outdoor spaces (nature and buildings), cars, as well as his friends and family.  He is especially adept at catching birds in flight, and creating sublime images of the movement of these beautiful creatures.

Anthony Nicholas Gallo’s photographs were chosen to represent his school in a local art show in New Jersey.  He will use this site to share some of his original works of various topics with you. Enjoy!